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Thank you for your interest in our new odor controlling Scented Cinch.  Please take a moment to fill out the survey below, and we will send you a free sample.

First, please note that the Scented Cinch was developed to control odors in small areas.  The lemon Scent was identified and developed primarily for use in the home on the kitchen garbage can (typically stored under a counter in a cabinet). It also works well in smaller rooms like a household bathroom. 

For institutional purposes, we believe it can be used effectively as another layer of odor control in public restrooms and lunchrooms.  Other areas being considered are office spaces, and kitchen areas.

Because of it's small size and mass, it is not intended to be used for air freshening larger open rooms on it's own, but rather to augment other odor control systems. That is of course while serving it's primary purpose of securing trash bags; saving time and money by eliminating the need to tie knots; and stopping trash bag cave-ins. 

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