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The Trash Bag Cinchâ„¢ is simply the fastest and easiest way to secure a trash bag to a trash can.

Invented by Hospital Janitor - History

You'll never have to fumble with clumsy rubber bands, tie knots, or worry about the right trash can liner size again.

It's Guaranteed for the life of your trash can!


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If you like using Rubber Bands to keep your trash bags in place, you are going to Love the Trash Bag Cinch!


 It's Guaranteed for the Life of Your Trash Can!


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The Trash Bag Cinch = Long Term Savings


Works with Any Size or Shape Trash Can

Works with Any Type of Trash Bag 


Make Your Trash Can a Smart-Can!

Trash Bag Cinchâ„¢ bonds permanently to any wastebasket and will last for the life of the waste containerwe Guarantee it!

When you compare the Trash Bag Cinch to the most common other methods for long term savings, the Cinch is the clear winner.

Large rubber bands for trash cans may be less expensive up front, but they are more cumbersome to use (they require more labor every time you change your liner) and eventually break (which can cause other problems) or get lost.

Tying knots requires an unnecessarily oversized trash liner to start with, and then tying the knot correctly to get to the "right" size is even harder and takes too much valuable time.

Rubberbands end up costing you much more because you have to replace them when they break or get lost, and they require more labor time each time you change your liner.

Attempting to purchase and stock the exact right size trash bag ends up costing you more because you'll need to stock more sizes and you won't have as much latitude in taking advantage of more vendor sources and great offers to save your organization money maintaining your facility.

If you do get the theoretical "exact right size liner" and stretch the bag over the rim of the garbage bin, you end up with too little bag left to tie off the bag properly when it's time to empty the full trash container.


Don't get trapped spending more than you need to.

Save time, Save Money, It's-A-Cinch!

Trash Bag Cinch works with any size or shape bin

The Trash Bag Cinch makes your trash can a "smart-can". Think of it as an investment in making your cleaning staff more efficient, your purchasing staff more cost effective, and your facility more attractive. Now that's R.O.I.

Calculate How Much You Can Save with the Trash Bag Cinch


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Our patented Cinch products save time and money while improving the appearance of your facility. Invented by x-hospital janitor.

They eliminate the need for tying knots or fumbling with clumsy rubber bands that eventually break or get lost. You can reduce liner costs by consolidating liner sizes too.

Stop "overlining" waste. Avoid the mess left by liners that do not stay in place, and save labor time (at least five seconds) on every liner change.

Installation is easy with our peel-and-stick application that bonds permanently. With four standard colors and new specialty Cinches, we have the right Cinch for any bin. Fast R.O.I. Try our online Savings Calculator to see how much money your facility will save.

Calculate How Much You Can Save with the Trash Bag Cinch

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